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She told me to just say that we went to boom boom even though we didn't.

I was a bit confused at first, then it dawned on me to what really happened. I have been going to the PI for around 4 years about twice a year to dive. I have never dedicated time to Manila exclusively but due to diving and flying restrictions I often end up there for a night.

She then just smiled at me and then came and sat next to me.

This time I bought a drink to see why she came back after she paid 2000 baht of her own money to go home.

I have to leave out some minute details, I know without them this report is not much help to this forum and other members. I was quiet disappointed fo 2 big fallout Of this trip and hoped for the best to this pre arranged meeting with someone, (some of senior members and expats here might know).

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I'm always talking shit when they gain weight, have bad surgeries, or bad hair days. The Manila scene is spread out and I'm only experienced w / Makati but in Makati is Burgos St and there are more than a dozen bars there that will keep you busy not to mention the street FLs. In thailand you have Bangkok, pattaya, and phuket for p4 p, other places but for your first time the main places are easier. Feel free to drop a PM or share your feedback with everyone in the Forum. BKK has traffic jams, too, but you can avoid them by taking BRS or MRT. I also like the feel of Bangkok better than Manila.

I told her I was okay and that I was only here to hang out a bit before I ran off to Sapphire. She just wanted to talk and I didn't have to buy her a drink. She wasn't feeling well and mamasan didn't allow her to barfine herself this night. She went to the locker room, came back, and discreetly slid me 2000 baht of her own money.

Within minutes, she asked me if she gave me money, could I barfine her? I called the mamasan over to tell her I going to barfine her and paid her the 2000 baht fee for the model.

After we were done, I headed off to What's Up, Sapphire, and Sensations and she went home. Around midnight, I went back to Palace to see if there was anyone worth taking.

Holy cow, I saw her sitting there with some other models.

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