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Hierbei beschränke ich mich auf keine Form: Es wird Artikel und Kolumnen geben, mitunter aber auch mal ein Interview oder sogar eine Video-Reportage.

Ihr habt die Möglichkeit mithilfe der Kommentar-Funktion Impulse für neue Themen zu geben, auf die ich versuche, so gut es geht, einzugehen.

Also for the purposes of this calculator omni and mecanum wheels are the same as traction wheels and wheel drop is ignored.

It's an empirically-determined value, and will "vary from robot to robot".

The 81% value is "about right" for the robots that team 148 builds. The calculations end up being "about right." "About right" is totally okay for a FIRST Robot." Stuff in quotes are excerpts from an old JVN post.

Your team can measure this speed loss constant for robots that your team builds, and eventually to get an idea if a different number would be more suitable for your team's robots.

Being human, most of us have been on both sides of these comments.

They’ll leave a conversation feeling much different than they did at the start, questioning themselves.

This is the "JVN Gearing Spreadsheet" which can be used to help design robot mechanisms & drivetrains which use DC motors. Older versions: loss constant accounts for the difference between actual speed and free speed of the motor.

You can pretty much leave it at 81% for most FRC applications.

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