Officers and enlisted dating

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They were to marry after Robert returns from Bosnia in October, but the deadline changed their plans. 31, the couple stood before a Texas justice of the peace, without family or friends on hand. In fact, two days after the wedding, Robert had to return to Colorado.

Robert understands why officers and enlisted soldiers in the same chain of command shouldn't date. "We are not born into a uniform, we are born male and female and you have feelings no matter what (rank) you are wearing," he said.

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However, it is more likely the relationship will violate one of the rules listed above, thus becoming a prohibited relationship.The couple rushed to the altar so their relationship would be legal under new Army rules that take effect Wednesday.The Army has ordered an end to romance between officers and enlisted soldiers.Robert and Bernadette, an Army nurse, met at Fort Gordon, Ga., in 1998, as he was going through a divorce.From the beginning, both knew the new policy was coming. Soon Bernadette headed to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, and Robert came to Fort Carson.

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