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Whistleblower, Sgt Steven Lee, claims that at least cops were involved in the Queens nightclub corruption, according to the New York Post.

But only two officers were arrested during the probe.

FBI informant sues contractor in ex-top cop Bernie Kerik scandal.

Witnesses are also seen trying to stop the beatdown. An officer of the NYPD allegedly planned to frame another officer for rape in an attempt to cover up the karaoke bar bribery scandal, according to a police sergeant.

Heinz has been a member of the New York Police Department since 1989.

Punishments could be a loss of vacation days or termination of employment."It is probably one of the only ways to find a pen pal that can lead to friendship, possibly even more like a romance," an expert said.Lorick has appeared before the Manhattan parole board five times, but has been denied every single time.“She’s just no good.”It is unclear whether Heinz knew about Liverano’s past criminal history.(PIX11) -- Bruce Lorick may appear like a catch on his online dating profile.

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