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Although chatting with 8 people all at once may sound chaotic or confusing, House Party creators used this potential issue to give their app a true “party-like” feel.Using a split screen feature, your device’s screen breaks into separate chat boxes–one for each member of your party.Many times, this warning isn’t viewed with too much worry.Some teens admit that this is how some types of flirting take place over the app.

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Although you may have chosen to chat with a few specific friends, any of their mutual friends or yours can choose to enter the chat if the privacy filters are not in use.

Because this app allows so many users to chat simultaneously, it’s the perfect way to bring groups together at a moment’s notice.

Although this app possesses good security filters, it doesn’t always explicitly warn you to use them.

As soon as your friends respond, your video chat is ready to begin.

The real-time accessibility of this app allows friends’ to enjoy each others’ company as though they were all in the same room. When creating “rooms” for video chats, you are given specific control to pick who exactly you wish to chat with. Although you may receive requests to chat from anyone, you are free to ignore these requests and stay silent.

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