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I think he admires women very much, and it’s a womanly thing.Whenever I was doing the stuff in New York with Jude Law, he would always make me more womanly, because I’m kind of a dude; I don’t really carry myself as a woman, you know?I’m not like that – some people are just like that.So he was constantly trying to get me to move a hair on my neck, and then tell me to wipe it away in the middle of a scene, stuff like that. NJ: He said something quite recently which I felt but had never actually heard him say; he said he studied our country, our culture and grew up watching beautiful American cinema, but he’s never going to be an American director, because he just culturally can’t be.Did he then try to change you to become the character, or was it all about fitting the character to you?NJ: I think he definitely let me be myself, but certainly as far as my body language goes, the first two weeks of shooting he was constantly coming up to me going, “Norah, shoulders back — stand up straight!

So I suggested the Cat Power, and the Otis Redding, and especially because we were going to be in Memphis, I suggested this Cassandra Wilson cover of a Neil Young song, and he ended up using all of those in the film, which was cool — everything else, he picked. We shot in a real café, but of course they dress it up they way they want. We would have sworn that was a meticulously designed studio set…

” But before you got on set, did you feel the need to study?

NJ: I did, I felt the need to study acting, and I wanted to do a good job — I wasn’t taking it lightly, and I didn’t want to be laughed at if I could help it!

which opens in the UK this weekend (and opens in the US on April 4).

It’s also the first English-language film from renowned Chinese auteur Wong Kar-Wai, a sweepingly romantic epic which opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Jones tells RT why she has taken it all in her stride.

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