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It even records Dolby 5.1 surround-sound, but I still wouldn’t rely on the built-in mic. However, its professional-grade features, like a 1-inch photosensor, make it worth every penny – if you need the best video quality possible, that is.

Honestly, this is probably overkill for most content creators, but if you want the very best, this is it.

It was like all the pieces of my life puzzle fell together, as hokey as that sounds!

I grew up in a computer oriented family, taught myself coding in my spare time, and have always enjoyed helping other people.

She's a top-50 pornstar who never signed with an agency.

She's a webmaster, marketer, coder, and all-around boss.

This is for when you’ve got a bit of money to throw around, and you wanna seriously upgrade your production value.After working with a few girls on their websites and seeing how much fun they were having, James and I decided to try it out ourselves and we really haven’t looked back.We still build and maintain pay-sites with other girls and couples that we work with along with our own pay site, You’ll have an easier time if you approach it like any other industry, any other brand new business or brand.Because the adult industry is more hush-hush than others, it’s tougher to place ads for help wanted.

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