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For the back end of his manufacturing process, the training experience provided at least an equal payoff.For intricate finishing operations, he was showed how to employ Mastercam’s Toolpath Refinement algorithm that makes it possible to achieve exceptionally high finishes that in the past were only possible after hour upon hour of manual polishing with a stone.Opti Rough constantly monitors tool engagement and adjusts the toolpath to maintain a consistent load on the workpiece and the tool.After the training, Choice Tool began using Opti Rough extensively.

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These hours are not only expensive, but also tend to be anxiety-ridden because there is a customer somewhere waiting for the delivery of his mold and he will only be getting it after hours of tedious manual polishing has been completed.“Now, when I train someone, I don't have to train them on two different controllers or multiple pieces of equipment or software.This also gives me the flexibility to run a job on any of several pieces of equipment to keep projects moving,” says King.These days I can't wait to see what Mastercam will come out with next because it's always a money-saving deal.” The specific CAM technology improvements that Choice Tool received training in were Opti Rough (a 3-D full flute roughing toolpath based on Mastercam’s Dynamic Milling technology) and the unique advanced Toolpath Refinement algorithm used for making granular changes to finishing toolpaths in order to achieve exceptionally high surface finishes.Instead of using just the tip of the tool with high engagement and low speeds, the Opti Rough approach turns conventional wisdom on its head, always using as much flute length as possible at high speeds with minimal engagement.

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