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SUPPORT_DTD, false); // This disables DTDs entirely for that factory xml Input Property("Supporting External Entities", false); // disable external entities Schema Factory factory = Schema Instance(" Schema schema = Schema(); Validator validator = Validator(); Property(XMLConstants. ACCESS_EXTERNAL_SCHEMA, ""); Schema Factory factory = Schema Instance(" Property(XMLConstants. ACCESS_EXTERNAL_SCHEMA, ""); Schema schema = Schema(Source); SAXTransformer Factory sf = SAXTransformer Instance(); Attribute(XMLConstants. ACCESS_EXTERNAL_STYLESHEET, ""); XMLFilter(Source); XMLReader reader = XMLReader Factory.create XMLReader(); Feature(" true); Feature(" false); // This may not be strictly required as DTDs shouldn't be allowed at all, per previous line.Feature(" false); Feature(" false); sax Feature(" true); sax Feature(" false); sax Feature(" false); SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder(); Feature(" Feature(" false); Feature(" false); Document doc = File(file Name)); Since a bind.For more information on XXE, please visit XML External Entity (XXE) Processing.The safest way to prevent XXE is always to disable DTDs (External Entities) completely.XML e Xternal Entity injection (XXE), which is now part of the OWASP Top 10, is a type of attack against an application that parses XML input.This attack occurs when untrusted XML input containing a reference to an external entity is processed by a weakly configured XML parser.Each XML processor implementation has its own features that govern how DTDs and external entities are processed. Parser Configuration Exception; // catching unsupported features ...For a syntax highlighted example code snippet using SAXParser Factory, look here. Document Builder Factory dbf = Document Builder Instance(); String FEATURE = null; try catch (Parser Configuration Exception e) catch (SAXException e) catch (IOException e) Document Builder safebuilder = Document Builder(); Note: The above defenses require Java 7 update 67, Java 8 update 20, or above, because the above countermeasures for Document Builder Factory and SAXParser Factory are broken in earlier Java versions, per: CVE-2014-6517.

For example: SAXParser Factory spf = SAXParser Instance(); Feature(" false); Feature(" false); Feature(" false); Source xml Source = new SAXSource(SAXParser()XMLReader(), new Input Source(new String Reader(xml))); JAXBContext jc = Instance(Object.class); Unmarshaller um = jc.create Unmarshaller(); um.unmarshal(xml Source); A xpath.

This attack may lead to the disclosure of confidential data, denial of service, Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF), port scanning from the perspective of the machine where the parser is located, and other system impacts.

The following guide provides concise information to prevent this vulnerability.

To use these parsers safely, you have to explicitly disable XXE in the parser you use.

The following describes how to disable XXE in the most commonly used XML parsers for Java.

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