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fishes are placed on the ventral and lateral surfaces of the body, and the light is emitted downward and outward.

Such an arrangement is believed to allow the light of the photophores to be used to match the intensity of sunlight penetrating from above, thus concealing the fish’s own shadow from a predator below.

Smaller male worms swim to where the females are circling and mate.

The male is also luminous, but the light is intermittent and of intracellular character.

Among crustaceans, luminous species are especially remarkable in the copepods, shrimps, and ostracods.

Luminous copepods are widely distributed throughout the world’s waters.

Some organisms exhibit a 24-hour rhythm of light intensity, highest at night and lowest during the day.

Bioluminescence results from a chemical reaction (chemiluminescence) in which the conversion of chemical energy to radiant energy is direct and virtually 100 percent efficient; i.e., very little heat is given off in the process.

For that reason, the emission is called cold light or luminescence.

The females watch from the ground and wait for a male to flash.

Upon seeing a flash, a female flashes a response after an interval of about 2 seconds. The female is unable to identify a male by his flashing.

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