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ended and Nick Wechsler is still looking super hot!

The 38-year-old actor, who played Jack Porter on the ABC series, was seen putting his buff muscles on display at LAX Airport on Monday (June 12) in Los Angeles.

We spoke exclusively to Nick about playing Jack Porter, the worst date he’s been on in real-life and what he’d most likely be doing if he wasn’t on Revenge. The only thing authentically East Coast are aerial shots. Do we still have hope for Emily and Jack moving forward this season? If we pay attention to Jack’s dialogue, he has lines about fate and destiny. You’re the most likable character on the show, but are you ever jealous that you don’t get to be a badass like your costars? I think now that he has a child, and now that you know who the Ryans are, if he would ever do anything, it would always be close to moral, and I think it would be to protect Amanda or Emily. I think a girl who demands that, it sends a subtle message to a guy — “Is she here for the right reasons?

Real Style: Do you guys ever shoot the show on the East Coast, or am I just that gullible? You’re so deep into the Amanda relationship that we’re starting to worry. If you weren’t an actor, what do you think you would be? I started applying to SMC to get some GE courses out of the way because I wanted to get a degree in Psychology so that I could work as a therapist. To be honest, the thing I’d have the most fun doing is coming up with funny stuff, so I wish I could write. ” When that’s eliminating and you can just get down to compatibility and attraction…

Nick had a rumored gal pal named Holli Gritsko (a non-celeb!

) back in the roaring '90s, and described her as his inspiration. I say inappropriate things, and if I have any charm at all, it’s in my utter lack of charm.” Why do we find that hard to believe?

Hit the Plus One button → 2 years ago (October 16, 2015, 6pm) If you have missed seeing Nick Wechsler on your television screens ever since Revenge ended earlier this year, you’re in luck as he’s now guest starring on NBC’s The Player!As the down-to-earth Stowaway owner Jack Porter, Nick plays the most likable and arguably the hottest character on the show.Sure, we love Daniel Grayson’s bespoke suits, but there’s something about a guy in jeans and a plaid shirt that is just so effortlessly cool. Who knows if it's the floppy hair or the tight, white T-shirts, but Nick knows how to make us tick.Well, either that or he has a hidden girlfriend who he doesn't let out of the house ....

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