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The Star Series arrived in 1964, followed by the first of the compact Lotus Series in 1968.Tavaro continued to develop the Elna brand, releasing the Elnapress in 1973, electronic machines in 1978, computer machines in 1989 and, as a consequence, underwent many expansions in production establishing themselves world wide.The Elna 1 as it became known, was in production until 1952, the exact number of machines produced is not known.It was finally replaced by the Elna Supermatic, an enormous leap forward in technology.The carry case incorporated a unique feature having the shape of the free arm cut out of its side enabling the case to extend the sewing area.The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (July 1936 to April 1939) caused him to emigrate to Switzerland to continue the development of his machine.The first Supermatic was launched on the 19th April 1952, at the Swiss Industries Fair in Basle.

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Thus the idea that gave birth to the first modern household sewing machine with a free arm was conceived.

After successful negotiations with Tavaro SA, Geneva, a manufacturer of precision timing mechanisms for the armaments industry, which resulted in Tavaro securing the rights to the machine and enlisting his services, work finally began.

By 1940 the first machines were produced for the home market and were an immediate success.

Acknowledgements: History of Sewing and Household Sewing Machines Tavaro SA Geneva 1980. Knowledge accumulated during my time with Elna and in the Industry generally.

Some Photographs from the Needle Bar Picture Library. Ramon Casas Robert returned to his parents' home in 1933 after completing his studies.

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