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I know it sounds crazy, but I like it when you're not quite sure what you're gonna do until you get on stage. I've got this project coming up next year [2017] which encompasses that, the idea that music is more important than how many sell, or even the charts [...] after a while you've gone through that experience, all you want to do is create music without having to worry if people are gonna hear it.In an Aug 2016 interview, seemingly conducted in Jul or earlier, Anderson said, "I'd rather just do, sort of, ideas now and again. So what you do, you make music, you put it on the Internet and eventually people hear it, if they're interested.She’s mystified by this vision, because she isn’t currently in a relationship, she doesn’t date men, and she has no current plans to have a baby.Janis in her flashforward Janis’s relationship status looked like it might change, however, when she met Maya in her Tae Kwon Do class.The interviewer has raised Survival and Other Stories and how it was made through multiple online collaboration, to which Anderson said he has "5 hours of music", implying made in a similar way.He continued, "I'm waiting to decide how to release it [...] it's so much music and everything is so different.

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I don’t even know what to say about that one, so I’m just going to point out how cute, and romantic, this scene was.But now I feel like that it is part of my DNA, and I can't stop wanting to create large-scale pieces of music that obviously have a very strong connection with Yes, because that's what I did with the band.I helped to create these larger pieces of music.] That's one of the things I've learnt over the last five or six years to work with people via the internet.As much as I like the premise of the new ABC drama Flash Forward — a mystery in which a team of FBI agents try to piece together what happened when everyone on earth blacks out for two minutes at the same time — I’ve been a little bored with the show.Not a good sign when the show is only on its fourth episodes (it took me at least a season and a half to get tired of Lost).**spoilers for this episode only**But the show suddenly got interesting again in this week’s episode (“Gimme Some Truth”), when FBI agent Janis Hawk (Christine Woods) had a very romantic date with a chef named Maya (played by Numb3rs star Navi Rawat), in a development the series has been hinting at from the beginning.

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