Myspace top friends not updating

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If you already have musicians or artists in mind, you can type in their names on the Search bar, where you can easily connect with them or send them a message. You will instantly see what radio station is trending as well as a few featured artists you may want to listen to. Once you choose a radio station, a player will launch at the bottom of the page.If the artist playing is someone you’d like to keep tabs on, you can easily click the Connect icon as you listen. You have an option to skip it, but be stingy with the forward button – you are limited to six skips per hour, per station. The fine print on Myspace’s licenses requires them to limit how many songs you can skip at a given time.My Myspace mobile app experience was pretty brief, so I decided to compare the functions I just tried out with the Web version.Here are some of the differences I observed: On your profile page in the mobile app, you can edit your profile and cover photo … In the Web version, you can do that and edit your short bio by easily clicking on the space you want to change.On the mobile app, clicking the Edit icon on your profile page combines options for both your profile and cover photos – you can edit one or both.Since my account is brand-new, I have zero connections, so naturally the Stream, Notifications, and Messages will all be empty for a while.The search box on the mobile app for People only has account type, gender, and distance.

On the mobile app, you can only discover people and radio stations.Having the Myspace mobile app is convenient for anyone who prefers using portable devices to listen to music, but to be able to compete with other music services like Spotify and Pandora, it needs a lot more work.Right now artist radio stations and genres are quite limited, so it only follows that music discovery and curation is also not cutting it.If you’d like to hear something new beyond the six skips, you can listen to a different station.The only thing left to tinker with on the mobile app is the GIF tool, which is pretty cool.

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