Mya and silkk the shocker dating

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It’s all the more impressive that Mya didn’t pitch herself for the role, but was solicited to audition by the film’s producers, who clearly saw something in her demeanor that suited Mona’s dangerous sexiness.“I was a little nervous,” she admits with sarcastic understatement. I didn’t know what to expect.”Mya’s turn in is the realization of a dream she’s been cultivating since she was 13.

“I had to learn a piece of choreography, do a monologue off the top of my head, and do something they prepared for the character—all with no script. “I came to New York for a whole summer with my mother,” she recalls.

” in which she tries to justify staying with a man purely because of his looks.“It bugged me out she did that song, especially with the wicked beat I had for it,” says Rockwilder, who also produced “Lady Marmalade.” “I originally made it for a rapper, but that tells you where she’s at. She is of mixed heritage—her father is black and her mother is Italian American—leaving her ethnic identity ambiguous. I have the ability to be Spanish, Indian, Italian, black, Persian. She leans on her family, and, more importantly, her own instincts to guide her professional decisions. "I like proving to my parents, Don't worry, you taught me OK." Knowing how and when to trust herself, Mya should thrive outside of that little-girl cocoon. Co-starring with box-office favorites Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Renee Zellweger, Mya plays a seductive murderess named Mona, whose outfit in the notoriously lascivious musical consists mostly of hot pants and strategically placed pasties, à la her “Marmalade” cohort Lil’ Kim.(“I definitely became a vegetarian when I was shooting,” she jokes.) is sure to receive major buzz from Oscar prognosticators.Then at 16, she almost landed a part in a traveling production of the musical Black & Blue, being turned down solely because of her age. “It’s really spiritual when you can get to interact with people and they actually affect how your show goes.”Not that shooting a movie allows for any audience interaction.Still, her devotion to live theater never diminished. Still, Mya has found other rewards while working on . “Just the process of it—the intricacies, the technicalities, the days and the long hours, and mastering and mixing and editing.

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