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There are many ways you can interpret what is meant by "outgrowing". made for some funny pic's My Yearbook is similar to Face Book and My Space but geared towards a younger audience.Being a new site (apparently) it seems a lot of people like to join in because it's something new. I know of a few people who are on it and basically its kind of a "who's more _________ than this person" you can add friends and comment on pictures but for the most part its about the "battles" that they have online Well, I haven't figured out yet exactly what My Yearbook is, and now I am wondering if perhaps when someone signs up with these sites, if perhaps they somehow allow that website to get ahold of their email contacts.

I'm still rather shocked that this person added me as a friend in the first place, as we have not talked in quite awhile now, so at this point I would rather not ask him about it, but get feedback from you guys on the forum. if it's what i'm thinking of, i believe it to be a fun application where you can upload a photo of yourself and get an older yearbook type photo of it - with sixties/etc hairdo's, clothing, glasses etci did something like that on myspace in one of the groups...

Once it catches up to Facebook then comparisons can be made in a more relatistic way.

I've not heard about Yearbook but, at the same time, I'm listed with enough sites for now.

Teens need to be proactive and use the privacy settings because the default settings could cause them to accept friend requests from people they don't know and agree to other features automatically.

Teens need to visit the website to gain access to a wide range of privacy settings, including what ages can view your profile (the range you can choose from is based on your age).

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