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Or official-looking emails asking for your password, or other personal information? Remember, constant vigilance is the price of free email.And if you’re one of those people snickering, “Who still uses Yahoo email? If you once had a Yahoo account but you don’t use it anymore, log back on, delete what’s in there, and officially close it.If you have a Yahoo email account, what should you do? for the love of God, don’t use the same password on multiple sites.That only makes it easier for hackers to hop from one of your accounts to another.He was merely equivocal, but it doesn't help that a recent report by Yahoo's Chris Mannix suggests the Celts are "scared" he might ultimately bolt.

To be clear, Irving did not say he wants to leave as a free agent in 2019.

Irving reportedly left Cleveland to be the man, so he may have to make his impact off the court.

As far as his health goes, Irving is walking without crutches for almost a month and has been on the sidelines. Celtics coach Brad Stevens admitted he was surprised to see Kyrie without crutches less than two weeks after surgery to remove two screws from his left knee.

Irving, who is currently recovering from knee surgery, can opt out of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent in July of 2019.

Mannix believes that Irving landing in New York is a possibility.

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