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Rodger Sherman: Rachel’s season has sapped me of the joy I get from watching .That has nothing to do with Rachel, who has been everything a Bachelorette can and should be.He’s open, personable, and positive, with a range broad enough to go between Dean’s giggles and Peter’s seriousness as the situation demands.He has a sympathetic, hardscrabble backstory that stands out on this series, and he’s overcome his early-season insecurity so fully that he’s now an all-denim dresser.An all-Eric season would silence the loud and legitimate questions about why there’s never been a black Bachelor, just as Rachel’s selection silenced the loud and legitimate questions about why there had never been a black Bachelorette.And like Rachel, Eric seems to have the thoughtfulness, self-possession, and heft to handle the challenges of being a reality-TV trailblazer.Unless the newly single (and sad-sounding) Ben Higgins could be brought out of saw him subjected to a bizarre, prolonged confrontation with known racist Lee, who took great delight in taunting Kenny and then running to Rachel to insist that Kenny was the aggressor.

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But that was followed by even more insidious stuff.He very well might win this season, but if Rachel picks Bryan or Eric over him, ABC should send an army of producers to his house with a contract.I can’t wait to watch him brag about being the token white guy of his friend group to 30 more women, all while butchering high-school-level words on national television.It has to do with the forced, uncomfortable story lines the show has pushed this season.It began with The Whaboom Guy (real name: Lucas Yancey), the unfunny, logical conclusion of the many previous contestants who blatantly used their appearance on the show to boost their off-screen brands.

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