My boyfriend and i have been dating for a year

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Everytime I would go with my horse and friends I would get a guilt trip. I finally broke up with my boyfriend of 11 yrs last month. We will have a good weekend together and then on Tuesday he will be back to being a jerk about everything and not loving him enough. i broke up with my boyfriend of nearly 3 years partially because of my horse gypsy.

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So I wanted to buy a different horse, so I went out looking and he got mad and me because I just wasn't going to sell RJ and be done with horses.

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But when he isn't like this, he is the awsomest most sweetest guy ever. Don't make the mistake of moving in with a guy you've only been with a year and losing your horse. When I am ready I want a boyfriend that supports my love of horses or likes them as well as I do. If he is already this way what is he going to be like years down the road?

Just mention the word horse and his attitude changes though. Life changes so fast, things might go downhill and you may be 30 before you can get another one. When I started seeing my BF, I told him straight up, "Flash comes before you, if you ever made me choose - I would choose him hands down." I see it like having to choose between my son and a BF. Thank you that helps a lot coming from someone who sounds like has been through the exact same thing. I am a very emotional person about break ups and things.

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