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This brings up the Save Baseline dialog box, shown in Figure A. The best way to see how your project’s progress matches up to the baseline is to switch to the Tracking Gantt view.Just click View | More Views and then select Tracking Gantt from the list.

As a result, Thursday's task moves to Friday, and our Friday milestone moves to Monday and we can clearly see the project completion will be late by a day (1 day's slippage).From this, you can see that Task One is now 2.5 days in duration rather than the one day that the baseline shows.Also Task Two is starting half a day late and Task Five a full day late.In Scenario 2, Task 1 is still 100% compete, but task 2 hasn't been started yet (0%).If we fill in the 100% complete for Task 1, and leave everything else at 0%, Project does NOT move Task 2 to Thursday, and as a result there doesn't appear to be any slippage, so at a glance we might conclude the project is still on-time. If a task that was supposed to start in the past, did not actually start, then that workload (or some of the workload if it was only partially completed) still needs to be done.

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