Most intimidating mascot

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There’s the Teddies, at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, a school named for President Theodore Roosevelt and represented by a Teddy bear. That’s the mascot for Blooming Prairie High School. According to the Blooming Prairie Leader, the Blooming Prairie team has been called the blossoms for more than a hundred years.

In the 20th century, according to the Leader, attempts to give the team a scarier name were abandoned.

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Eagles are the most popular mascot all of Minnesota, followed by tigers, panthers and cardinals. In at least one case, it appears, just being a regular animal wasn’t enough, so the animals got fanciful prefixes: the mascot for Southern Minnesota’s Grand Meadow High School is a superlark, embodied by a sweater-clad bird that perhaps more closely resembles an eagle. After animals, the most common variety of mascot is occupations — loosely defined.

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From rousing the crowd to intimidating opponents, the person in the costume is working every single second of the game.

From Stanford’s Christmas tree to TCU’s superhero frog, the range of college mascots is incredible.

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