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Luke could relate because that had been the bittersweet part of his relationship with Laura.

Laura had always gone with him, despite being a homebody.

Spinelli felt he could help Jason best by being close by to provide his cyber skills. Jason said that he did not want to ask Sonny because he was not sure that they were friends.

He said that Sonny had changed since Michael had been shot.

They talked about their marriage and their histories.

When Claudia asked what caused the rift with Jason, Sonny was honest when he told her that Jason had teamed up with Carly when Sonny wanted to leave the mob business.

Johnny was okay with paying his share until he found a place of his own, but Lulu insisted that Johnny was staying with her as her guest.

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Anthony acknowledged that he was getting more than she knew from the alliance.

Luke said that perhaps they were too different to really suit, no matter how much love there might be between them.

Luke said that Lucky was the home-loving type while Sam craved danger.

Lucky went to Sam's place to follow through on their dinner plans, but Sam was not home.

A dejected Lucky went to see Luke on the Haunted Star.

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