Military dating system

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"He then navigated the safe return of his aircraft despite the marginal weather." The commander of the 432nd, Col.Julian Cheater, applauded the five airmen, who received Meritorious Service Medals and Air Force Commendation Medals affixed with the "R" Device.It's a move on the part of the Defense Department to recognize the work of those who go above and beyond in support of military operations, sometimes from thousands of miles away from the battlefield.The Air Force is not the first service to award the new device; last December, the Marine Corps presented Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals bearing the device to two staff sergeants who operated unmanned aerial systems in support of an unspecified military operation.

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At the age of seven the sons of all Spartan citizens leave home to enter a state education system in which the emphasis is on courage and discipline."It is a great honor to recognize the contributions of these Airmen," Cheater said in a statement."Much of the world will never know details of their contributions due to operational security, but rest assured that they have made significant impacts while saving friendly lives." The "R" device was authorized with clear specifications for each service last year, and can be awarded for operations dating back to January 2016.Girls in Sparta are educated in the same austere virtues, training them to be good wives and mothers. On graduating from this regime, at the age of twenty, a Spartan becomes a member of a group of men, something like an officer's mess, with whom he will spend most of the rest of his life - leaving them only from time to time, after marriage, for the requirements of conjugal life.Gainful employment plays no part in this manly existence.

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