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Texts and movies include: Mary Shelley, Love and Death in Western Europe, 1300-1900 History is not just names and dates; it also encompasses how ordinary people lived and felt.

Emotions have a history because they have changed over time.

In this seminar we will draw on various sources including film, media, literature, music, among others, and will interpret their ongoing significance in today’s world. Are objective proofs of God possible, or is religious belief founded on subjective feelings? The modern period has been a time of unprecedented crisis for religion, and we will focus in particular on these challenges and responses to them. Anselm, Kant, Kierkegaard, James, Freud, and contemporary philosophers. Are "democracy" and "empire" always a contradiction in terms? We will start by reflecting on why Eurasia dominated the world prior to the twentieth century, rather than the other way around.

Is religion, as Freud thought, just wish-fulfillment? Can any religion claim to be the true religion in a pluralistic world? We will then explore the similarities and differences in both the principles and practices of particular empires, as well as how those characteristics evolved over time.

We will study these novels and their film and video adaptations, while examining the differences between the language of film and the language of fiction, and while considering Austen's appeal to 21st century men and women. Using literature and popular media, we will develop an understanding of the complexities and challenges in American culture, articulating them in inquiry-based writing and oral presentations, and learning how scholarly work has been integral to understanding them. We will contemplate the resources of language and expressive form and structure upon which poets variously depend and draw.

We will ask such questions as: can a poem really be "analyzed " or "explicated", and what assumptions lie behind such an attempt? CW LIT Spring 2017 More Information » Shakespeare's Characters Shakespeare’s reputation owes much to his characters.

Do fluctuations in US News college rankings reflect educational quality?

Is texting while driving riskier than drunk driving?

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As we study the piano’s special place in our (musical) culture, we will learn about the technical as well as social aspects of this instrument’s developments over the past 300 years. ART CW EUR Fall 2014 More Information » The Poet’s ‘I’: Poetry and Autobiography In this seminar we will work to discover the sometimes subtle connections between the "objective" events of a poet's life and the poems that he or she produced.

Science Fiction Out-of-control scientific discovery, time travel, aliens, androids, corporate and political domination, reimaginings of race, gender, and sexuality--these and other themes have dominated science fiction over the last 250 years.

We will try to understand the ways in which selected writers have seen the world we inhabit and have imagined alternatives to it.

Special attention will be given to Rome, Britain, Austria-Hungary, the Ottomans, Russia/Soviet Union, and the United States. CMP CW SOC Fall 2014 More Information » Jane Austen & Film Why did a writer born over 200 years ago become a hot property in Hollywood?

An overarching aim of this seminar is to view the global power of the 21st century United States in proper perspective. The explosion of film adaptations of Austen's novels has sent readers scurrying to Austen's six major works: . CW EUR LIT Fall 2016 More Information » Voices Along the Way In this seminar—designed for international as well as U. students—we will examine American culture, as perceived both in the U. and abroad, through the lenses of gender, sexuality, race, class, and migration. CW NOR SOC Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017 More Information » Poems, Poets, Poetry In this seminar, we will read a wide range of lyric and narrative poems and explore ways of responding to them, in discussion and in writing.

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