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It is suggested that antiviral drugs used to treat herpes may help lower or prevent this cognitive deterioration.

PLo S ONE magazine from the Public Library of Science explains the study.

Hope's research is funded by the NIH and the Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology Chicago (March 11, 2008) A CDC study released today estimates that one in four, 26% of young women between the ages of 14 and 19 in the United States are infected with at least one of the most common STDs.

Through new techniques, biopsies discovered these CD8aa T-cells were found where the dermis (outer layer of skin) and the epidermis (layer just below the surface) connect.

Jia Zhu, Tao Peng, Christine Johnston, Khamsone Phasouk, Angela S. Koelle, Anna Wald, Harlan Robins, and Lawerence Corey Nature 497, 494-497 doi:10.1038/nature12110 () Calcium release within the cells has been shown to be fundamental for the herpes virus. JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, 2011; 305 (14): 1441 DOI: 10.1001/jama.2011.420 A study of patients attending sexual health clinics in Gothenburg, Sweden, found that only four out of ten patients who had genital herpes actually knew that they had contracted the disease.

These scientists found this calcium release occurs because the hsv activates a critical cell signaling molecule called "Akt". HSV activates Akt to trigger calcium release and promote viral entry: novel candidate target for treatment and suppression. Soc., published online July 5, 2013; doi: 10.1021/ja404008r April, 2013 | The New York Board of Health reported more cases where newborn boys contracted herpes after the Jewish ulta Orthodox practice, "metzitzah b'peh". Also reports found a third of those who did not realise that they had been infected stated typical symptoms at a follow-up visit.

But in studies where women were given anti-herpes drugs to decrease their lesions, there was no decrease in transmission.

In light of the new results, it is possible that HIV can enter the vaginal tissue and initiate infection without any physical breaks.

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