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The best-known instance of numerology is the “number of the beast,” Martin Luther.Not coincidentally, Stifel was a Protestant theologian and Bungus a Catholic.(Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, Kennedy on November 22.) More subtly, only one choice is made from many possibilities, the one that maintains the numerological pattern. Many of the coincidences listed here are exaggerations, lies, elaborations chosen from an infinite range of potential targets, or the result of a hidden selective process.Sometimes the date of birth is used, sometimes the date of election. Still, a few of the coincidences are quite startling.For example, consider the palindrome, meaning that it looks the same when reversed. According to John precisely that number of fish were caught in an unbroken net. The Bible contains so many numbers that such games can be played indefinitely; the question is what conclusions (if any) should be drawn from them..

Thus, the coincidence of day of the week for the assassinations is emphasized; the differences in month and number of day in the month are ignored.

The significance is clear: the year of his birth, 1945, was exactly 130 years after the Battle of Waterloo.

Since 130 = 10 × 13, both the unlucky 13 and the perfect 10 are of importance; between themselves they explain just about anything, just like the superstition that seeing a praying mantis brings either good luck or bad luck—depending on what happens.

Mathematics, meanwhile, sheds light on much of the universe but, as yet, very little on human psychology.

Between the two lies fruitful scientific ground, yet to be cultivated extensively.

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