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Ulong went on to lose the challenge, but this time, the tribe felt Ibrehem was to blame, as his lack of swimming and diving prowess had wasted time and cost the team dearly.However, at Tribal Council, Probst surprised the castaways by announcing that Koror would vote to give one member of Ulong immunity.However, it was not a lack of physical prowess, but of teamwork, that was Ulong's undoing at the first Immunity Challenge.When tasked with having to choose which of several heavily weighted crates bearing survival tools to carry to the end, Ulong waffled on the decision and took a long time to decide.Their subsequent back-to-back losses coined the term ulonging. On paper, Ulong started the game with what seemed like an unfair advantage: of the nine members of the tribe, only two were over thirty, and by comparison, only three of Koror's nine members were in their twenties.The competition, with its harsh conditions and unusually physical challenges, seemed stacked in favor of a younger, more physically fit tribe.Ulong was unable to organize themselves at the next challenge, however, and suffered another defeat at the hands of the older Koror.Sentiment had seemingly turned against Kim Mullen, whom many felt had delivered a poor performance at the challenge.

Ulong's losing streak continued at the next Immunity Challenge, where the men put on a particularly weak showing.Government lawyers "punched the judicial system in the nose" by filing court papers they knew contained lies against Safe Card Services founder Peter Halmos, court documents filed on Thursday charge. After hiring the man, Peter Halmos and his companies were subjected to a four-year IRS investigation triggered by information provided by the accountant, attorney Lawrence Kellogg said at the start of a three-week trial in West Palm Beach federal court. District Court to impose unspecified sanctions against Justice Department lawyers who were representing Ernest Varvoutis, a former Safe Card accountant who aided a federal tax investigation of Halmos. These lawyers are acting like they can do whatever they want, and they`re trying to get a quick exit," said Myron Cherry, Halmos` lawyer. was duped in 1988 into hiring a Deloitte, Haskins & Sells tax accountant who later became an informant for the Internal Revenue Service, an attorney said on Monday.The next day, the tribes competed in a Reward Challenge, which required brute strength and physical confrontation.Ulong's sheer physical prowess was shown to its fullest when they won by a blowout, winning themselves a sewing kit.

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