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There are several playgroups, again, all within walking distance. There are three gyms I can walk to and I walk to the one I have membership at.

From the top of my memory there are four primary schools that I can immediately think of, three are government and one catholic.

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Last week's high-profile axing of principal Rosa Storelli from Melbourne institution Methodist Ladies' College over the alleged non-repayment of salary perks got us thinking about the blue-chip corporates who helm the country's elite band of independent schools.

We know almost all our neighbours and have had two 'neighbour' parties. We are close to the yarra that makes for a lovely walk or bike ride alongside it.

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MLC's jaw-dropping board responsible for Storelli's sacking includes Melbourne University Press CEO Louise Adler, Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour, KPMG media gadfly Bernard Salt, Qantas, NAB and JB Were director (and current parent) Patricia Cross, former La Trobe deputy VC Belinda Probert and ex-Crazy John's CEO and Australia Post director Brendan Fleiter.

The board was previously chaired by former Qantas chair Margaret Jackson.

Excepting for Melbourne Girls College, you may have to look at adjacent suburbs for secondary schools, if you can get in: top tier schools, and by high school age your children could use multiple ways of public transport to get to them.

There is a shopping center - Victoria gardens with a cinema and bowling available.

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