Married and dating site

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It is not easy to hear that your husband would not have strayed if your marriage was better.

He saved text message that “appeared” business related. He has her in his phone as an employee where he works. He declined, but in a loving I don’t need a man to tell me I Love you, I already know.I too found multiple adult dating sites & porn sites, which is where he claimed to have the sudden interest licking of the anal area. I’m not a prude, I’m just very disinterested in anal. He lies, performs about things I don’t care about, but openly admits things that cut deep to the bone.I brought home sex toys & creams, oils & he didn’t appear too enthused. I never needed to know he has had an on & off affair with a woman that obviously has a piece of his heart, if he’s willing to risk his family to have an affair with her, during a time we needed him most.If you ‘hear’ validations of your frustrations, anger, and condemnations, you will have more obstacles to contend with. This is a problem for many people, and one I take very seriously. I created the SEW technique to help people, and advise its use.I used to be among the very few who advised against confrontation, condemnation, and venting. Not just for when you have troubles, but for your whole life.

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