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SAVVA emerged as a result of this idea – a new elegant place with respect for centuries-long traditions of Moscow and the Metropol and for modern trends.To join the team of SAVVA restaurant Dmitry moved to Moscow from Tallinn, Estonia where he had worked as the sous chef in popular Ribe and Cru gastronomic venues.Andrey Shmakov, brand chef of the restaurant, will create menu for these events, and sommelier Vitaliy Muzychenko and other friends of the restaurant will work on the wine list.SAVVA has already become a popular spot for hosting various events: we celebrated the Swedish Midsummer holiday, welcomed famous chefs from all over the world, and this is just the beginning.Andrey Shmakov became a brand chef of Metropol in 2013.Before that he worked on European cruise liners, in Tallinn restaurants Cathedral and Le Bonaparte, and in restaurants in the Grand Hotel and Radisson SAS.Dmitry has also spent some time in the kitchens of London, including The Berkley hotel, with the culinary legend Pierre Koffman.

SAVVA has turned from a hotel facility into a trendy city restaurant.

Historical interior of the coffee house with its classic marble columns, wall and ceiling paintings, has been left intact.

However today this place is an environment created by young free spirit experimentalists.

This place is beyond doubt one of the most charismatic spots in the centre of Moscow that you wouldn’t want to leave.

And while it is still warm in the capital, terrace of the SAVVA restaurant will be open offering various gastronomic specialities to its guests and inviting them to fashionable parties.

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