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The lynchings were so absurd one could argue that Black people’s lives were little to no value at all. That is an average of nearly one hanging every week.

government allowed racist white lynch mobs to murder Black men, women and children for practically nothing. states of Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina, 2,500 black people were lynched.

Although she claimed that he had not been living at home for a number of months, there had to be a scapegoat. For six days, Cordella was questioned by police about her son’s involvement in the crime.It doesn’t matter if the accused is innocent or guilty.Dating back to the US Civil War, American history has been stained by the blood of thousands of minorities who were lynched, especially in the South.A person could hold on to racist beliefs and still believe that “you’re one of the good ones."You don't have to get fresh cornrows, start listening to trap music, or attempt speaking African-American Vernacular English just because you're trying to date a Black dude. And remember, there's a difference between appreciation and appropriation, as Maisha Z.Personally, you'd get more points from me for if you can quote James Baldwin or if you're knowledgeable about or genuinely interested in learning about my culture beyond popular trends and stereotypes. Johnson wrote for Everyday Feminism: part of Black culture, that has to include learning about the history of what you’re appreciating and about the struggles and achievements of the people you’re borrowing from.

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