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on June 29, 2018 in Here, There, and Everywhere Gaslighting friends and family may lie to your doctor about medical symptoms you are having. By Kimberly Key on June 26, 2018 in Counseling Keys Trauma can deeply imprint a child's developing brain and impede longevity and quality of life. on June 15, 2018 in Co-Parenting After Divorce Let us harness our indignation over the harm and injustice of certain types of parent-child estrangement to all forms of parent-child alienation. on April 12, 2018 in Why Bad Looks Good Your co-worker's new paramour is charming and charismatic.

on April 09, 2018 in Why Bad Looks Good Many domestic violence victims fail to report the abuse out of fear of being viewed negatively, both personally and professionally.

If you’re concerned about the person’s age ask him/her to send a recent photo.

(Realize, of course, that the “recent” picture they send may not truly be recent — or it may not even be a picture of your “date.”) Also, protect yourself from people who might be emotionally unstable.

And if so, how can you avoid dating scams that might lurk there as well? residents paid 0 million on online dating and personals in 2006, capturing the largest segment of paid content anywhere on the World Wide Web.

If you’ve ever been tempted to try online dating, you’re not alone. Online dating scams range from minor white lies to outright thievery.

on March 19, 2018 in Understanding Narcissism If you have ever had someone you love threaten you in order to get their way, this article explains what may have been going on.

By Arash Emamzadeh on July 09, 2018 in Finding a New Home A new study examines the commonality of trauma (e.g., bullying) in people with eating disorders, and suggests that a history of trauma should influence treatment. Until you get to know your date better, conceal your personal information, agree to meet only in public and always let a friend know where you will be.Online Dating Magazine suggests these tactics: An MSNBC article found one third of men dating online are married!(We don’t know the statistics for women.) Although it’s often very difficult to know whether or not someone is married, here are four tips to help you spot the warning signs: Some online dating scams aren’t dates at all, but a scam to hit you up with marketing emails or other spam.This annoying online danger usually happens when you first create your online profile and start chatting with other members. Don’t give out your email address before you’re certain of who you’re dealing with.

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