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In the second season, the show brought back most of its cast, with the exception of Simone Lijoi, Rodrigo Velilla, Artur Logunov Violetta Castillo (Martina Stoessel)(born June 26, 1995) is a talented girl and the titular and protagonist character of the Violetta original television series.

She is intelligent and full of life but has a very overprotective father. She has a beautiful unique voice that she inherited from her mother, who died in a bus crash when Violetta was 4 years old.

Despite having career ambitions and diverse hobbies, they always remember about the main goal of a woman's life: to become a decent wife and a caring mother.

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Romance is a solution for those who want to safely date Russian ladies and enjoy the atmosphere.

The actor Diego Ramos was cast as Violetta's father following an audition in Europe.

The actress Lodovica Comello, who plays Francesca, was attending school in Milan when she decided to participate.

According to popular consensus, it is rather difficult to meet a girl who would combine allure and intelligence with moral traits.

But Russian girls break this myth at once: they are good-looking, well-mannered, thoughtful, honest, an gracious.

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