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According to the HTML 3.1 specification, the HTML FORM tag only supports GET and POST.

It does not support other HTTP operations such as DELETE or PUT. Furthermore, Internet Explorer only supports GET and POST (see

In other words, performing a GET operation should be a safe operation that has no side effects.

For example, you don’t want a search engine to delete all of the records in your application while crawling your website.

If you are willing to go beyond standard HTML, you can perform HTTP DELETE operations by taking advantage of AJAX.

The Xml Http Request object supports any of the HTTP operations.

A link always performs a GET and a form can perform either a GET or POST.

Listing 2 – Views Home Deletes are performed with an Ajax call.

To understand the difference between a POST and a PUT, you need to understand what it means for an operation to be idempotent.

An idempotent operation is an operation that has the same outcome no matter how many times that it is performed.

For example, if you perform a POST operation to create a new database record, then you can create a new database record every time that you perform the POST.

A POST operation is not idempotent because it can have a different effect on your application each time the operation is performed.

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