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It's a fact, more and more mature singles are turning to online dating for that second chance at love and companionship.And Senior is the perfect place for older men and older women to come meet, mingle, find a date or another shot at love! As the online dating destination for senior singles, Senior is tailored to meet the dating needs of mature singles worldwide.Singles often enjoy their autonomy—for example, they don’t have to share financial decisions, they can come home whenever they like, and they can maintain their own space exactly the way they want it.Giving those things up—especially if someone has had bad experiences in the past—can be tough. Next.., a professor of psychology at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, whose research on online dating shows that misconceptions are rampant.If you really want to meet and marry someone.” want to meet and marry someone” (emphasis mine).*But many other psychologists and psychiatrists agree. Henry Cloud wrote an entire book based on this idea: How to Get a Date Worth Keeping.But these things stick in my craw, because the implicit message is that the single person just needs to try harder.That is, people who would never dream of telling a depressed person to “just try harder,” to pull herself “up by the bootstraps,” or to “just get over it” have no problems telling single people exactly that when it comes to finding a life partner.While it may seem just that simple from the married side of the fence (just the way it does from the non-depressed side of the fence), it’s not.

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You were lucky enough to pick someone who ended up being a good (or at least tolerable) match for you.

Thousands of senior personals are available at the click of the mouse, and mature women and older men over 40, over 50 and over 60 can surf through at their leisure, communicate via chat or messenger, and send email correspondence in a secure online environment.

While the dating scene hasn't changed, mature dating is certainly in a class of its own!

It’s not an either/or issue—you’re either dying to get married or you’re damned if you’re going to give up singlehood. "You think you know what you want, but what you really need is to sit across from each other and get a beer."Yes, good online dating leads to sitting down and getting a drink, but it’s easy to rule out potentially wonderful partners based on negligible facts.

We live in a coupled world, and many people are so afraid of being alone that they don’t know to be alone. You never really know if you have chemistry until you meet.

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