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The pictures are also bigger (but I think you can make them bigger with the paid option in POF?

) A major advantage for POF is it has a huge user base.

Overall they are both really great free online dating sites.

Ok Cupid come out slightly better than Po F as it is easier to use and more user-friendly for new online daters.

Other differences: Ok C has a much more attractive and user-friendly interface.

POF's matching system asks you a series of demographic and personality questions and then does all the matchmaking itself, on your behalf.

The results of online battle across social networks between Okcupid and Pof I used Ok Cupid for 2-3 years and POF for about 1 year.

I think the biggest difference between these sites is how they match you with others. You answer the match questions, you weight their importance, and for any profile you can see how they answered all of their (public) questions.

But that could have been a factor of how the two sites matched me with other users rather than an overall characteristic of their whole user base.

I was also able to find more attractive profiles and was messaged by more attractive profiles on Ok C, and the Ok C users seemed to write much more in their profile essays, on average, than the Po F users did.

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