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Our marriage was failing, I tried to commit suicide and things just spiraled down hill and it is to where I am at now in life.After 19 years of being married to my wife we are divorced, and I have come out of the closet and told everyone in my life that I am gay.

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Sometimes when you just find out that a loved one is gay, you aren’t ready to speak to someone straight away.I am truely blessed to have two teenage daughters who excepted me from the day I sat them down and told them and for all my family and friends that have to.I will continue to help my ex-wife if she asks me for help, but she no longer wants to talk to me and wants me completely out of her life and I am truely sorry for making her feel that way.I wasn’t like anyone other boy I knew and developed a lot of depression and problems of anger that looking back at was very unhealthy and affected me until now at the age of 42 and finally coming to terms with my gender.I was kicked out of my house at the age of 17 not because of being gay but because of my anger issues and running away.

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