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Ryan was walking toward the kitchen, and he sat the bag he had taken from me on the counter. I was growing it out in an attempt to look a little more youthful, perhaps growing bangs would help with that, but likely nothing was going to make me look young enough to be dating a man twenty-two years my junior.

He scanned the contents pulling items from inside as he smiled over at me. I will be able to whip up a truly awesome meal with this stuff," he observed before he looked at me all windblown. "I've never considered it, but if you like it, well..." I left the thought unfinished.

I felt my heart race in my chest, and my mind struggled to identify the intruder who had pulled my door open from the inside. I'm glad you're home the weather was turning nasty outside." I immediately felt foolish. I suppose I can be forgiven, Ryan and I had only been living together for a little over a month and I still wasn't used to his being there all the time.We were enjoying the warmth of the day and the beauty of the woods when he pulled me off the trail and started kissing me with hot, deep French kisses.He whispered in my ear about how he couldn't help himself I looked so gorgeous in my hiking shorts, and he wanted me right there on that hill. In all my life I had never had sex in public, and it seemed so wild and dangerous.I never could resist him at times like this or fight against my desires.Once he and I took a hiking trip in a park outside of town to get some fresh air.

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