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To give you an idea, the alleys can be as narrow as the one below.

There are tons of people walking through and girls on “ I didn’t count the number of girls I saw, or rather the number of brothel windows but it must have not been more than 50 in total.

This indicates that there is a girl inside – blue lights are for transsexuals.

On the first night, my friend and I walked around aimlessly That’s what you’ll hear a lot.

Again, off the top of my head, I’d say 4-5 out of every 10 girls here I find very attractive.

Maybe this has to do with the brothel windows in which the girls are standing almost completely naked.

I would think that such a working setup would mostly attract girls that do have top-notch bodies – otherwise they wouldn’t be able to compete.

I can only imagine what it’ll look like during the summer.

This is the regular price you’d pay in most Western brothels. In Amsterdam, you do business right behind the window.

Compared to Thailand where you get an hour for less than 30 Euros, this rate might seem high. You see the girl at the brothel window, walk in, they close the curtain and that’s it.

Just like Soi Cowboy or Nana in Bangkok, or Walking Street in Pattaya where you have one gogo/beer bar after another.

There’s no way you can miss those Red Light Districts.

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