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Immerse the unconscious in any sort of environment and over time it will extract and utilize that environment's fundamental rules of organization.We continuously carry out this subliminal processing.So do animals, and by studying them under controlled conditions, we can better understand ourselves.

Since numerous sensate responses qualify as certain sensations, the phrase's inexplicit content increases the odds that the unconscious will find within its repertory of responses one which can complete the phrase's meaning. The unconscious sensitivity to form also shows up in its ability: (1) to discover the rules that order its surroundings and (2) to generate spontaneous behaviors that conform to those rules. Go into any part of the community, randomly select an individual, and record what she says.

Some words refer to more than one thingthe pronoun he, for example, can refer to any male.

When a word's referent is inexplicit, we find the word ambiguous; its meaning is incomplete.

Since then "sitting for ideas" has been a major preoccupation.

Learning to use introspection productively is like perfecting an artistic skill. There's no substitute for commitment, but you'll hasten your progress if you understand the underlying process.

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