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The Oxford English Dictionary has no entry for squinath, but lists squinanth as a kind of rush, whose flowers were used for medicinal purposes.

Those wishing to target particular flabby or sagging areas had more of challenge.

"Forgive, Ladies, all the Warlike Gibberish..." The advice on wearing make-up is equally firm.

"A painted face is enough to destroy the Reputation of her that uses it." Adultery too, is likely to bring on the sinner a "World of Miseries".

Author John Gough advises men to tell their prospective lover that "Her breasts are a pair of Maiden-unconquered Worlds", or that "Her breasts are twins where Lillies grow".

"You could call it the Cosmopolitan of its day." Scroll down for more And a few chat-up tips from a 17th century lads' mag These days, complimenting a woman on her decolletage is a surefire way to end up before a sexual harassment tribunal.

They were told to brew up a foul mixture of chicken and goose grease, pine, rosin, pitch and turpentine in an earthenware pot.

This was then mixed with wax, cooled, applied "to the place that Languishes, or does not equally Thrive", and allowed to set into a plaster.

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