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And presently the Doctor has informed me that i has limited days according to medical checkup. Nicholas Anthony a Real Estate Broacher and Gold Merchant in Malaysia. When my late husband was alive he has a deposit money with the sum of (.2 million United state Dollars) with the Bank in malaysia and he intend to use this money for charity and orphanage establishment.

But before the death of my husband we were married for 22 years without any child. But now i have limited days to live just because of my cancer problem.

And i want you to help me do charity work for the orphans, I want you to help me claim this money from the bank in malaysia And use it for charity Establishment and orphanage home, If you know you are ready to be faithful to help me do this charity wok. Through My Private Email : [email protected] Send the Following Information's to me for (1)Names: (2)Nationality: (3)Country Of Resident: (4)Age: (5)Sex: (6)Marital Status: (7)Occupation: (8)Your Home Address: (9)Office Address: Thanks And Be Bless We wish to inform you that the board of trustees and management of Barclay’s Bank International Plc London has finalized and have being given an Immediate transfer approval order by the British Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the United Nations and Executive members of Bank of England, following with the instructions we received from The management & board of trustees of this bank wish you to fill out the transfer form with your contact details and your direct phone number also with your banking information for the immediate processing of the legal document that will enable us carry out the transfer of your fund successfully to your nominated bank account or your contact address without any further delay. Let me formally introduce myself to you, my name is (Mr. I and my dear wife Violet won a Jackpot Lottery of .3 million in July 2010 and have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of 0,000.00 USD to you as part of our own charity project to improve the lot of 5 lucky individuals all over the continents of the world.

Your email address was submitted to my wife and I by the Google Management Team and you received this email because we have listed you as one of the lucky recipients, Kindly send your below details to the Fed Ex Delivery Courier Service so that they can effect the delivery of your valid Bank Draft of 0,000.00 USD to you immediately.

The selection of the people to be compensated will be made randomly via internet, so if you luckilly receive this mail that means you have been selected among the lucky ones to receive the sum of 1.5 MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS (USD1.5000.00) CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT.

Note that all necessary documentation to make the withdrawal of the fund legal and free from any breach of the law has been made by the Federal goverment of Nigeria, all you have to do now is to contact me with the following informations for the postage of your bank draft.

During his tenure in Office, my late husband awarded a contract to a firm worth several millions of dollars a few years ago.

In the course of executing the project the firm discovered large gold deposit in one of the construction sites.

We will discuss on the sharing mode for your assistance as we proceed. I do not want to talk much here like the yahoo criminal.

EMAIL: [email protected] TEL: 44 70457 61336 FAX 44 8 / FUND ORIGIN : 2348191877843 MRS MARY PORTLAND (CHAIRMAN COMMITTE ON FOREIGN CONTRACT/AWARD WINING PAYMENT UNITED NATION AND USA GOVERNMENT). Some money are to be earned, I guess I could get some 10%. Suchart Chaovisith wife of the former Thailand Finance minister, who died in 2009 due to a cancer problem.

View link for details; In view of the recent death of my husband last year, I am very worried over the political crises, and I have decided to contact you, to help me to move some funds to your country for investment.

Since after my late husband’s death, the Government has resolved to illegally prosecute and ntimidate members of the RED SHIRT which is one of the leading opposition to the Government which I am an active member.

Now as I am writing to you, they have frozen all my accounts and assets in Thailand.

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