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I'm really happy." Sources told TMZ the couple met through a mutual friend in London and spent the holidays with Lohan's family in New York.

"Lindsay has obviously had some issues in the past, and probably been attracted to the wrong sort of guys, but this is different," an insider told the Mirror.

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RELATED: CELEBRITIES THAT CAN'T FIND LOVE THAT STICKS She disclosed that due to her travels, she doesn’t “think anyone could be in a relationship with me because I’m never there all the time.” The stars nomadic lifestyle may be one reason for remaining single, but her previous relationship with former fiancé Egor Tarabasov who was accused of abusing Lohan, may be a reason for leaving a possible boyfriend out of the equation for right now.

“He and Chloe appear as an on-off couple on the show but they’re both fully single.

“The show’s bosses have been aware of Lindsay for a while and would love to get her to appear.

This turning point is a huge factor that allowed the star to realize the importance of helping those less fortunate, including her devotion and hard work with refugee organizations.

The Hollywood star also admitted that although she’s in a happy place right now, focusing on doing what’s important to her, she does intend on starting a family of her own one-day when the time is right.

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