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In a nutshell, it’s a person’s personality that keeps someone interested; physical appearance merely attracts their eye in the beginning or keeps them interested for a few weeks.Haters, on the other hand, don’t like the stress of knowing whether a new date is going to find them attractive.

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That attitude is the attitude that not only gets phone numbers – but gets suitors to call you back again and again.

‘Two people are destined to meet and fall in love.’ Though they may be perfectly kind people when you get to know them, Hollywood producers of silly, far-fetched romantic comedies have totally messed with the minds of our culture.

The idea that love is destined or fated – well, if that’s been your experience, you need to start to doing infomercials and selling that magic potion.

Sometimes, like flowers on a first date, you bring company swag.

The person you’re dealing with may not have authority to buy. They have an alternative solution but don’t want to tell you to go away just yet, because they’re insecure. Just like dating you have to see the signs and walk away.

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