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Job aids and other resources for use in service sites are being developed and will be made available when ready through OPA's website (

In this report, the term "provider" refers to any staff member who is involved in providing family planning services to a client.

Next, literature about three priority topics (i.e., counseling and education, serving adolescents, and quality improvement) was reviewed by using the USPSTF methodology for conducting systematic reviews (22).

The results were presented to three technical panels (one panel for each priority topic) who considered the quality of the evidence and made suggestions for what recommendations might be supported on the basis of the evidence.

Corresponding preparers: Loretta Gavin, Ph D, Division of Reproductive Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC. The recommendations outline how to provide quality family planning services, which include contraceptive services, pregnancy testing and counseling, helping clients achieve pregnancy, basic infertility services, preconception health services, and sexually transmitted disease services.

Telephone: 770-488-6284; E-mail: [email protected]; Susan Moskosky, MS, Office of Population Affairs, US Department of Health and Human Services. This report provides recommendations developed collaboratively by CDC and the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) of the U. The primary audience for this report is all current or potential providers of family planning services, including those working in service sites that are dedicated to family planning service delivery as well as private and public providers of more comprehensive primary care. Nearly one half of all pregnancies are unintended, with more than 700,000 adolescents aged 15–19 years becoming pregnant each year and more than 300,000 giving birth.

The primary audience for this report is all providers or potential providers of family planning services to clients of reproductive age, including providers working in clinics that are dedicated to family planning service delivery, as well as private and public providers of more comprehensive primary care.

Providers of dedicated family planning services might be less familiar with the specific recommendations for the delivery of preconception services.

A description of how the recommendations link to the evidence is provided together with the rationale for the inclusion of each recommendation in this report (Appendix B).CDC and OPA used the input from the subject matter experts to develop a set of core recommendations and asked the Expert Work Group to review them.The members of the Expert Work Group were more familiar with the family planning service delivery context than the members of the Technical Panel and thus could better comment on the feasibility and appropriateness of the recommendations, as well as the supporting evidence.The Expert Work Group considered the core recommendations by using the following criteria: 1) the quality of the evidence; 2) the positive and negative consequences of implementing the recommendations on health outcomes, costs or cost-savings, and implementation challenges; and 3) the relative importance of these consequences, (e.g., the likelihood that implementation of the recommendation will have a substantial effect on health outcomes might be considered more than the logistical challenges of implementing it) (20).In certain cases, when the evidence from the literature reviews was inconclusive or incomplete, recommendations were made on the basis of expert opinion.

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