Lesbian dating and sex tips

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Seriously, a relationship with this dynamic will be bad for both of you.

Either get some help changing it, or end it for both of your sakes.

You may think it’s selfish to assert your own preferences, or feel like you have to go along with hers in order to be loved. Done right, this movement between togetherness and separateness is a thrilling dance – yet for many of us, it can also bring up fears and push buttons.

Many women have a deeply engrained belief that intimate relationships require them to give themselves up. If that’s happening for you or your gf, get help ASAP before the damage sets in.

You can’t know why someone does what she does, or how things feel to her, until you’re able to ask her – and then listen open-heartedly.

Many empathic, loving women have a Florence Nightingale complex: if you meet someone who’s had a hard life, doesn’t trust love, and doesn’t love herself, you just know you can heal all that, right? If her life is a mess, that’s okay, you can fix it, right? You can’t have a relationship with her potential – you can only have a relationship with who she is right now.

Sitting in that room almost felt like listening to another language.

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Find out how to “put your shoes on” emotionally by learning the skill to de-escalate your own triggers, dismantle the habitual stories you tell yourself, and communicate skillfully.The 12-Week Roadmap Course covers this skill for singles; if you’re in a couple, get Conscious Girlfriend Coaching.Often women criticize their partners without even realizing it.And if you find yourself continually drawn to female fix-it projects, take the 12-Week Roadmap class to shift your attraction patterns.We’ve all got emotional triggers – hot buttons that get set off by little things, especially when we’re in love.

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