Leo and aquarius dating

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No matter, Aquarius's ideas are usually spot on, but the sign must be patient while the rest of the crowd catches up.Aquarius, like Leo, can be sociable, but this sign does best when working with a few trusted friends.Another issue revolves around Leo's need to remain the center of attention, and to that end, will often treat others as mere satellites to his sun.This is a quality that Aquarius will have a very difficult time dealing with because Aquarius sees everyone, and sometimes everything, as equal.A Leo and Aquarius love match has all the earmarks of a great, fated and passionate love, but each will need to work with the intense energies that this pairing arouses.If both can do that, this can be one exciting love match!Both Leo and Aquarius are quick to realize that this meeting is a rare and valuable gift.

This is a summarized picture, a real compatibility reading is needed to judge a real relationship.

Leo will have to try to understand that Aquarius needs some time alone to recharge her batteries, while Aquarius needs to accept that Leo needs people around to truly feel alive.

There's no denying that these two signs are very different, but with patience and respect, this pairing can work.

Aquarius wants to help the whole of humanity, and in this sense, Aquarius would much rather attend a political rally than a birthday party.

Wonderful things can happen when Aquarius the water bearer and Leo the lion meet up.

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