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For instance, one Wikipedia article suggests the piano coda was written by Rita Coolidge while another states it was written by Jim Gordon (yes I am aware that the two were dating at the time).

Then again there is contradictory information as to whom played the guitar solos (Clapton/Allman) in the song.

While waiting for one of the sessions to begin, he sat down at a piano and started playing a riff he made up, just for his own amusement.

Eric and the band were stunned - they didn't know he could also play piano! When I wake up some mornings and need to pep up my spirit... My children actually love the song even though at first they were like mom who's that? I said no it isn't, but I can understand every word he's singing and then the bulb came on for them. Shoot, is there any language of the Middle East is which "layla" (or "laylah") does not translate into "night"?

I was there at Criteria and have seen the crash of talented lives thorugh drugs & booze etc.

"IT'S TIME to PUT THEM DOWN" smell the ROSESJim Gordon was, at the time, one of the most in-demand rock studio drummers.

Hey there, Andrew (Layla’s boyfriend) here with a little story for you. The first PM Layla ever gave me completely shifted my sexuality.

Before I met Layla I’d never even heard of a penis massage… That’s 38 years missing out on one of the ultimate pleasures a guy can experience. I’ve had plenty of those ;) and while they’re amazing…they PALE in comparison to the experience of a real PM. Unlike a regular hand-job which is usually just a quick finishing off tool…

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He is STILL on Death Row Pattie left Eric and went back to George!Likewise, Looking Glasses's Brandy, another big hit of the same time, also brought in a wave of girls with that name!I have been reading most of the comments and find lots of errors/urban legends ect.I'm not sure where Clapton belongs since other than Sunshine of Your Love none of his guitar work stays in my head in anyway that awes me.Wikipedia says this song ranked at 7th place on UK chart. [The song charted at #7 UK when it was first released in 1972, and at #4 when it was re-issued in 1982.

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