Lapsed catholic dating

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For whatever reason — perhaps because Christianity Is Catholic — there seems to be no common Protestant equivalent to this trope, even though people paying lip-service to their family or culture's religion is as old as religion itself.

One possible explanation for this is that Catholicism, much more than Protestantism, is considered by some to be a part of one's ethnic and cultural identity in addition to being a religion, especially for those whose national heritage is tied to the Church (such as people of Irish, Italian, Polish, or Hispanic descent); Informed Judaism pretty much works this way, as well.

Hell, I believed those things too, to my great shame. They'll never know justice, especially if, on the one hand, Pope Francis denounces their abusers and, on the other, does little to actually change the environment that allowed them to abuse with impunity. I have seen firsthand what the effects of clergy abuse does to a family.

Even not believing in God isn't regarded as sufficient reason to get out of the Catholic Church."There are many who were raised Catholic, and — even though their life has moved away from adamantly following Catholic doctrine — are still really concerned with their Catholicism and/or cite it often.

I don't say that differences cannot be overcome.

Apart from our cultural background we are also autonomous individuals subject to change. Have it in mind and check before you decide to commit.

When I was 20, my piano teacher told me: "Never ever marry someone with a different culture than yours! An orthodox is more likely to assertively want to express his thoughts and he expects the same from the other.

A blunt example: a catholic is more likely to keep his thoughts for himself and appear as if nothing is wrong.

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