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Got code -------------------- [remote] client_id = client_secret = token = -------------------- y) Yes this is OK e) Edit this remote d) Delete this remote y/e/d See the remote setup docs for how to set it up on a machine with no Internet browser available.Note that rclone runs a webserver on your local machine to collect the token as returned from Yandex Disk.The Landser entered World War II with very little training on combating tanks.

Initial field experiences with Russian tanks on the Eastern Front, especially the T-34 & KV types, convinced them that their existing infantry anti-tank tactics & weapons were inadequate.You are also able to choose a military or a mining server.Yandex is a technology and Internet services company in Russia.This only runs from the moment it opens your browser to the moment you get back the verification code.He was very knowlegable and pointed out my early Knockensak 'of the kind that was used in Kreta' (as he said) and other items on the uniform and belt.

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